EM20 - 'Hell' C-60

C-60 Essential Minerals #20. (c) 2017
Obstinately untitled recording of an incredibly rare jam at Real Bad Music (Moorooka, QLD) a number of years ago between members of The Year of the Sex Olympics, The Perfect Lovers, Tistriallal Binds, Stasis Duo, I'm A Cop. Referred to as the 'Hell' tape for years as it sat buried in a storage container and now finally released in abridged form - cutting it down from ~2 hours to a c60 tape. A hot, loud, relentless wall of burnt tronik noise punctuated by the unmistakable double-cymbal destruction by Jamie H. (TYOTSO, The Perfect Lovers) and occasional, unintelligible heavily intoxicated vocals.

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Side A: Untitled (28.16)
Side B:Untitled (25.05)
Recycled cassette, new jcard & case.

Brisbane QLD Australia
'Essential Minerals' is a cassette label based in Brisbane (QLD Australia) releasing recordings from local & interstate experimental projects since 2015.

- Essential Minerals will be at the Brisbane Independent Music Market Sunday 12-5PM 25/August/2019 - The Triffid, 7 Stratton St Newstead QLD
- September 2019: tapes from... Cock Safari/Tistriallal Binds (2/Sept), 'Composite Beings' #6 & #7.

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