'Essential Minerals' is a DIY cassette label based in Brisbane (QLD Australia) releasing recordings from local & interstate experimental projects since 2015. See below for all information and use the contact form for any inquiries.

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Composite Beings

New, 10-part limited tape series 'Composite Beings' from Essential Minerals

Exclusive recordings from experimental, underground current & former Brisbane-based projects.

Limited to 30 copies per release and no second-runs or reissues. Professionally duplicated tapes in matte white and elaborate, printed packaging with inserts. Released in conjunction with all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, etc). Mastered by KONEC.

EM-CB-01 - Raum 
(C-44, 3rd of May 2019)

EM-CB-02 - CC
(C-94, 3rd of May 2019)

EM-CB-03 - LG
(C-28, 10th of May 2019)

EM-CB-04 - Unwar
(C-42, 21st of May 2019)

EM-CB-05 - Ditchdog
(C-12, 24th of May 2019)

How/where to order:
All international orders please make contact before purchase so we can work out an accurate quote on shipping.

- Direct contact via form below

Selected titles can be found at Bandcamp, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play & Youtube Music. See individual records.

- YouTube

- 'Composite Beings' #7: Creek Shape c30 (27/Sept)



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